100’s & 1000’s

Still from ‘100’s & 1000’s’, 2013
Sample of 100’s & 1000’s, 2013
Installation of 100’s & 1000’s and HAPPY as part of M/other at Whakatane Museum and Arts. Hey Māmā, come and play with me (2019), by Turumeke Harrington on left. Photo by Tory Baker
Installation of HAPPY and 100’s & 1000’s at SEVENTH, Melbourne

100’s & 1000’s starts focused on a pile of 100’s & 1000’s, all colours mixed together for a riotous party. A woman’s hand sorts the sugary balls into separate coloured piles, organising and bringing order to the world.

Video, 42 min 30 sec, 2013

See the full video on CIRCUIT! Artist Film and Video, Aotearoa, New Zealand


100’s & 1000’s, Toi Tauranga Art Gallery, NZ, 2023
M/other, Whakatane Museum & Art, Whakatane, NZ, 2019
For Sale: baby shoes, never worn, SEVENTH, Melbourne, Australia, 2017.
For Sale: baby shoes, never worn, Toi Poneke Gallery, Wellington, NZ, 2016.