Untitled (butterfly)

Justine Walker
Untitled (butterfly), plywood, 1.47 x 0.8 x 1.65 m, 2006
Installation view of Untitled (Butterfly) with Phalaenopsis, Hydrid, City Girl

With an ongoing interest in how society dictates and defines how women will live and how they will look while doing so. I started comparing what society thinks it’s creating with what is actually being produced. I was interested in how women are taking back control/power through research into femme fatale, female strength and female monsters.

The resulting works where Untitled (butterfly) and the Phalaenopsis, Hybrid, City Girl series.

Untitled (butterfly), plywood, 1.47 x 0.8 x 1.65 m, 2006

Untitled (butterfly) is a surreally enlarged object, drawing on what a butterfly represents; fragility, short-lived beauty. This enlarged plywood replica of a child’s model, evokes the uncanny and monstrous.


Secret Life of Plants, Hirschfeld Gallery, Wellington, NZ, 2007
Exposure ’06, Massey graduating show, Wellington, NZ, 2006